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A holistic approach to astrological counseling – offering  astrology, hypnotherapy, nutritional guidance, energywork, and intuitive readings. Through these modalities, we can discover and work with karmic blocks, imbalances in the body, and energetic challenges to create lasting empowerment that will help you to better navigate this life. 


With over a decade of experience in the healing arts, I am here for you as an ally on your path.

Alanna Williams, C.Ht.

"Alanna is truly gifted and a Gift.

I have received regular transit readings from her for the last few years and every time it has been spot on with what unfolds. When I go back and look at my notes from her readings, I’m astounded at how exact everything played out. She has skill, but also such a beautiful presence in holding me during our sessions. I loved her from the first second we met. 


When you know, you know.

She’s the real deal. "

A. Matthews, Huaran, Cusco, Peru

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