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Natal Reading: $125
An in-depth exploration of your personal astrology map ~includes insights on relationships, career, family, money, and life path.
Includes 60-minute call and follow-up email.

Transit Reading: $125
A 12-month look ahead at current planetary movements and how they interact with your personal astrology map.  See how these energies are manifesting in your life and receive insights on how to work with them. Excellent reading for future planning.
Includes 60-minute call and follow-up email.

Natal + Transit Reading: $195
Explore your astrology map and the next 12-months of planetary influence in your life.
Includes 90-minute call and follow-up email.

Relationship Reading: $250
An in-depth look at the synastry chart of two people. This fascinating reading provides a unique perspective on your relationship dynamics. Includes relating styles, karmic patterns, challenges, strengths, and path.
Includes 90-minute call and follow-up email.

Single Question Reading: $65
Have just one question?  This is a great choice.
The answer is based on the timing of your question, as well as current transits in your personal chart.
This reading will be sent via email.

Oracle Card Reading: $95
In this intuitive reading, Astrology Oracle Cards are used for an in-depth look into energies of the past, present, or future. A good option if you would like the focus to be purely on your questions  --or if you do not have access to an accurate birth time.
Includes 45-60-minute call

Astrocartography Reading: $95
Planning to relocate? Astrocartography can identify beneficial and challenging planetary influences in different geographical locations to help you to make the best move for your personal goals.


Astrological Services

Use the button above to choose your desired reading and make a payment.

 *Current clients (within the last year) may choose the $75 Transit Follow-Up option for a 60min follow-up counseling session.

Accurate birth data is necessary for a reading. Please include a note with the date, time, and place of your birth with your payment.

There is currently a 1-week wait time for appointments. I will contact you with available times for our session, once I receive your order.

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